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What to expect from Openly Fallible

On average, I post bi-weekly. I do this so that I can take my time with each post, and so that you aren’t getting spammed multiple times a week with posts you may or may not find interesting. My posts include article reviews, literature reviews, book reviews, and opinion articles focusing mainly on the psychology of unfounded beliefs. I also write about more broad topics within science and philosophy to shake things up.

About Me

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience. I currently work as a Research Professional at the University of Chicago’s Roman Family Center for Decision Research. There, I work on many projects at a time focused on behavioral science, why humans make systematic errors in thinking, and how we can use the power of the mind to overcome cognitive barriers. I am most interested in why people believe weird things, and that is what you will read about most in this newsletter. When I am not reading and writing, I like to travel, spend time with friends, and play sports. I currently live in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood.

If (for some reason) you want to know more about me, you can follow and interact with me on Twitter @ryanbruno7287.

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Ryan Bruno

Lab Manager at UChicago Booth's Center for Decision Research. Interested in rationality, fallibility, and critical thinking.